Introducing: Loomono Profil

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Introducing: Loomono Profil

It would hopefully come to no surprise to anyone that I love a good photography preset.

Today, I'm delighted to share a set of presets for Darkroom that I use the most. I call them: Loomono Profil.

But first, a little context. If you are not aware of Darkroom, it's a pretty fantastic photo editor that started on iOS, and has since become available for iPad and Mac. This week, Darkroom launched the ability to share presets.

I have been using Darkroom ever since its inception and I have been wanting to share my presets ever since I started creating some reasonably good ones. Enter: my first set of B/W presets that I've used for years.

But before I get to them, an important note. Every photograph is different, and should get the love and care it deserves. I use these presets as a starting point and often still mess with Exposure, Whites and Shadows to dial it in on a per photo basis. They include a little bit of grain, but intentionally do not have any Fade or Vignette applied.

There are three variants: 200, 400 and 800. I will go through them in chronological order of when they were designed.

Profil 400

Loomono Profil 400 was the first filter in the set. It was designed for well lit, or slightly overexposed situations — portraits or otherwise — to which you want to give a bit of a contrasty black-and-white punch to.

Here is a sample, featuring my very handsome friend Chris Michel.

Profil 800

Profil 800 was designed for not-so-great, dimly lit situations, especially ones that would lead to a lot of orange tones without any computational colorization applied.

As a bonus, it also works well for high-key portraits.

(Note: I still often crank up Exposure on these for dark situations, so am dabbling with a 1600 of this as well. Stay tuned!)

Profil 200

Finally, Profil 200 was designed for dramatic, contrasty cityscapes, silhouettes etc. I often also use this for a high-contrast, darker portrait.

You can find the links to these presets below. They should open in Darkroom automatically.

I hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions, or want to talk more about them, please give me a shout. And if you remix them, I’d love to see what you come up with!


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