Hi, I'm Maykel

I am a digital product builder who likes to create things by mashing together design, engineering, and business strategy.

Previously, I led the digital product and design team at Glossier, worked on a myriad of efforts and product teams at Facebook, and was one of the first designers at Instagram.

When I am not building things, I like to enjoy the California sun, and spend time advising others on their careers, their teams, and their businesses.

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  • Reflecting on a Year Off

    Today [October 19th, 2020] marks one year of taking time off. I deeply realize I have been very fortunate to have this incredible privilege, but I must say that I genuinely didn't feel its importance until about 3-4 months ago.

    This note is an edited version of a thread I wrote on Twitter which reflected on the good and the bad of a year off, as well as lessons learned.

  • Six Lessons from Six Years at Facebook

    Friday [September 21st, 2018] was my last day at Facebook. It was an experience of a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

    Here’s the note I wrote to my colleagues. I was originally going to circulate this to just friends, but with the positive feedback I have gotten I decided to use this venue to post more widely.

  • New Year’s Goals, Monthly Resolutions

    New Year's resolutions are hard. Many people make them every year, and few actually succeed. I've personally never been successful at keeping a New Year's resolution, primarily because the magnitude of the task at hand seemed so big, and "life got in the way" (ie. other things took priority to the resolution that was established.)

    With that said, I thought about approaching New Year's Resolutions as a design problem.


You can find me on the following networks, or drop me a line at hello@maykelloomans.com.