Hi, I'm Maykel

I am a digital product builder who likes to create things by mashing together design, engineering, and business strategy.

Currently, I am a designer and leader at Brex. The theme of my role here is “Special Projects” (big opportunities that we believe will have an meaningfully positive effect on our customers). So far, I have been focusing on building out our Mobile product and team, and the design team in our Platform organization.

Previously, I led the digital product and design team at Glossier, worked on a myriad of efforts and product teams at Facebook, and was one of the first designers at Instagram.

As a personal project, I am building Shoebox, exploring a simple way of photo hosting and sharing. When I am not behind a computer, I like to enjoy the California sun, and spend time advising others on their careers, their teams, and their businesses.

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  • Leading With Questions

    Leading a team, whatever the size, is a difficult task. Too often, managers resort to simply telling their team what to do instead of teaching them how to define it for themselves. They focus on directives instead of giving the team goals and empowering the team to figure out the best way to achieve them.

    To effectively lead a team of highly motivated and skilled employees, these employees need to know they're operating in a realm of trust and empowerment. A very effective way to do this is to lead with questions.

    Read more…Jan 2022

  • Why Shoebox?

    For a while now I’ve been chipping away at a photo hosting and photo sharing product that I’ve dubbed Shoebox.

    It started as an experiment, and it’s become an ongoing, iterative journey in to what a lightweight photo sharing service can be. But why even start? Do we really need another place to store our photos? Why Shoebox?

    Read more…Sep 2021

  • Joining Brex

    I have recently joined the design team at Brex, where I’ll be working on “Special Projects” (aka. big bets that we believe will have a super positive effect on our customers, starting with our mobile product.)

    Read more…Mar 2021

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You can find me on the following networks, or drop me a line at hello@maykelloomans.com.

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