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Joining Brex

I have recently joined the design team at Brex, where I’ll be working on “Special Projects” (aka. big bets that we believe will have a super positive effect on our customers, starting with our mobile product.)

I decided on this role for many reasons, but two are at its center: (1) people, (2) positively impacting small businesses.


A crucial constant that I have found throughout life and my career is the quality of people you get to work with. Everything is better around good people.

Want to do some super fun, creative work? It’ll be better with good people. Want to stretch yourself and focus on personal growth? You’ll enjoy it a lot more if you are around good people.

Every conversation I had while getting to know Brex was excellent. The easiest way to sum up the patterns I noticed in the people I talked to: high talent, low ego, and very honest and candid about the company’s state. (It’s in hypergrowth, this comes with challenges.)

Positively Impacting Small Businesses

We see small businesses horrifically impacted by this pandemic. I believe providing them with better tools is one of the most significant ways to affect them coming out of the pandemic in a positive way.

Working on a product that will allow someone to manage their small business on the go feels like a no-brainer, and I’m excited at the opportunity to improve their ability to control and get insight into their business.

And now the plug! We have a lot of work to do (across all screen sizes.) We’re actively growing the design team, so if you are a senior or staff-level designer (or have been doing the work of one) looking for a new opportunity, [please reach out][1]!



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