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  • Introducing: Loomono Profil

    It would hopefully come to no surprise to anyone that I love a good photography preset.

    Today, I'm delighted to share a set of presets for Darkroom that I use the most. I call them: Loomono Profil.

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  • How FedEx Influenced the React Logo

    Sometimes when you’re designing, you get the license to take the time to explore many different directions and get a great result. Sometimes, you have barely any time to get the work done.

    You rarely get fortunate to encounter a situation in which it sits front of you after a few minutes. The React logo was one of those lucky cases.

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  • Leading With Questions

    Leading a team, whatever the size, is a difficult task. Too often, managers resort to simply telling their team what to do instead of teaching them how to define it for themselves. They focus on directives instead of giving the team goals and empowering the team to figure out the best way to achieve them.

    To effectively lead a team of highly motivated and skilled employees, these employees need to know they're operating in a realm of trust and empowerment. A very effective way to do this is to lead with questions.

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  • Why Shoebox?

    For a while now I’ve been chipping away at a photo hosting and photo sharing product that I’ve dubbed Shoebox.

    It started as an experiment, and it’s become an ongoing, iterative journey in to what a lightweight photo sharing service can be. But why even start? Do we really need another place to store our photos? Why Shoebox?

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  • Joining Brex

    I have recently joined the design team at Brex, where I’ll be working on “Special Projects” (aka. big bets that we believe will have a super positive effect on our customers, starting with our mobile product.)

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  • Speeding Up Design Discussions

    Have you ever found yourself in a discussion around design decisions, engineering decisions, or product direction? Have you seen these discussions go in circles or seemingly not get resolved?

    In most cases, a straightforward question can save you a lot of time: “Out of ten, how much do you care about this topic [your reasoning]?”

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  • Reflecting on a Year Off

    Today [October 19th, 2020] marks one year of taking time off. I deeply realize I have been very fortunate to have this incredible privilege, but I must say that I genuinely didn't feel its importance until about 3-4 months ago.

    This note is an edited version of a thread I wrote on Twitter which reflected on the good and the bad of a year off, as well as lessons learned.

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  • Six Lessons from Six Years at Facebook

    Friday [September 21st, 2018] was my last day at Facebook. It was an experience of a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

    Here’s the note I wrote to my colleagues. I was originally going to circulate this to just friends, but with the positive feedback I have gotten I decided to use this venue to post more widely.

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  • New Year’s Goals, Monthly Resolutions

    New Year's resolutions are hard. Many people make them every year, and few actually succeed. I've personally never been successful at keeping a New Year's resolution, primarily because the magnitude of the task at hand seemed so big, and "life got in the way" (ie. other things took priority to the resolution that was established.)

    With that said, I thought about approaching New Year's Resolutions as a design problem.

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